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Extension Hair Care Guide

- Schedule extension move up maintenance for every 6-8 weeks. Recommendations will be made based upon your hair type and density. To avoid breakage/damage, stick to the recommended timeline.

- Use an extension safe brush and thoroughly comb your hair morning and evening to avoid tangling and matting of the wefts. Start at the bottom and work your way up to the root of the wefts. Avoid putting tension on rows by securing the weft tracks with your opposite fingers while you gently comb through.

- Apply a light oil to the mid-lengths and ends of your extensions daily. Too much product can cause unwanted build up.
- Avoid washing your extensions more than 2-3 times weekly. Doing so will ensure longevity of the wefts.
- Between washes it is safe to use a dry shampoo to prolong your style and refresh your scalp. Avoid applying product directly to wefts.
- Use a silk scrunchies to secure hair. Loosely braiding the hair before bed will help avoid tangles and pulling. To prolong the life of your extensions, apply a lightweight night serum before bed.

- Wash extensions and color treated hair using sulfate free cleansers recommended for your hair type. Using drugstore options will cause product build up around rows and lessen the life of the extension hair. Avoid vigorously rubbing hair together when cleansing. Thoroughly cleanse above and below tracks with fingertips to remove any buildup of product and natural oils. Shampooing twice is recommended.

- After cleansing, condition mid-lengths and ends of your extensions and hair. Detangle with a wide toothed comb or vented brush before rinsing. For best results, use a hair mask specifically recommended for your hair type on towel dried hair. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water.

- After cleansing and conditioning, apply a lightweight leave in conditioner to lengths and ends of towel dried hair and extensions. Comb through to evenly distribute.
- Always dry wet hair before sleeping.
- Avoid sunscreen with Avobenzone. It will cause discoloration that cannot be reversed.
- Avoid chlorinated and salt water to prevent excessive tangling and dryness. Otherwise, wash hair soon after and follow with a deep conditioning treatment. Swimming in salt or chlorinated water will lessen the lid of your extensions.

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