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Hand Tied, Hidden Bead Extensions

Beaded row extensions, also known as hand-tied weft extensions, are a popular method of adding length, volume, and thickness to natural hair. This technique involves attaching weft extensions to the natural hair using small beads or silicone-lined micro rings.


Maintenance for beaded row extensions typically involves regular salon visits to ensure proper care and maintenance of the extensions and natural hair. 


It's important to note that proper installation and maintenance of beaded row extensions are crucial to ensure the health and integrity of the natural hair. 

Overall, beaded row extensions provide a versatile and natural-looking solution for those looking to enhance their hair with added length and volume, allowing individuals to achieve their desired hair goals.

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The Process


The process begins by creating a small section of the natural hair near the scalp. The weft extensions, which are typically made of high-quality human hair, are then attached to this section using silicone lined beads. The beads are secured close to the scalp, & the weft is threaded through them, ensuring a secure & discreet attachment.

The Experience

They provide a natural look and feel, blending seamlessly with the natural hair. The weft extensions lay flat against the scalp, resulting in a comfortable and undetectable finish. Additionally, our expertly sourced luxury wefts are lightweight, allowing for a more comfortable and manageable experience.

The Personalization

Another advantage of beaded row extensions is their versatility. The extensions can be customized to match the client's desired length, color, and texture. They can be styled, curled, and even colored to create a personalized look that suits individual preferences.

Initial Installation

18”      $605+

22”      $775+


Single row    $240

Two rows     $480

Three rows   $720

Move ups are recommended for every 4-8 weeks upon consultation.  


Extension FAQs

How do I know how many rows of extensions I will need?

First, decide if you are wanting to wear extensions for a short or long period of time. Second, decide are you wanting volume, length, thickness, or all three? Third, we can discuss all of these factors during your consult to ultimately decide which is the best investment to fulfill  your needs.

How long will the hair last?

The hair itself will last anywhere from 6-12 months, depending on at home care. ​

Are they comfortable?

Yes! The first 24-48 hours may take some getting used to. This is due to the additional weight of the hair itself. Surely, after this timeframe you won't even notice they're there!

How do i wash my extensions?

Wash extensions and color treated hair using sulfate free cleansers recommended for your hair type. Using drugstore options will cause product build up around rows and lessen the life of the extension hair. Avoid vigorously rubbing lengths of the extension hair together when cleansing. Thoroughly cleanse above and below tracks with fingertips to remove any buildup of product and natural oils. Shampooing twice is recommended and will help your style last longer.


After cleansing, condition mid-lengths and ends of your extensions and hair. Detangle with a wide toothed comb or vented brush before rinsing. For best results, instead of conditioner use a hair a deep conditioning hair mask specifically recommended for your hair type on towel dried hair. 


After cleansing and conditioning, apply a lightweight leave in conditioner to lengths and ends of towel dried hair and extensions. Comb through to evenly distribute.


Always dry wet hair before sleeping to avoid bacteria that can cause flaking of the scalp.


Drying your extensions after each wash is recommended but not required when wearing Golden State Strands luxury wefts. 

How often should I wash my extensions?

Avoid washing your extensions more than 2-3 times weekly. Doing so will prolong their life and prevent them from drying out.

How often will I need to come in?

You'll need to come in for your extension move ups every 4-6 weeks. If you choose to go longer between visits, you can go up to 8 weeks before you will need to worry about causing unwanted damage to your natural hair.

How much do extensions cost?

Extensions range anywhere from $605- $2000+. I only use high quality hair and methods that won't damage your hair. You're investing in a superior product and application method when you work with me. ​

How soon can I get in after my consultation?

I can typically get you in anywhere from 1-3 weeks after your consultation. However, if your schedule is very limited it could be 4+ weeks. I also have a cancelation list, so if cancellations occur before your appointment you will be notified immediately!

How long does my hair need to be? 

Most of the time your hair will need to be at least to your shoulder for extensions to blend properly. However, if your hair is shorter you can still get extensions, they just may not be quite as long as you are envisioning.

Will extensions damage my hair?

The only time extensions are damaging is if they are installed incorrectly, removed incorrectly, or not taken care of or maintained properly. You won't have to worry about that here because during your appointment, I will walk you through every step on how to ensure the best longevity out of your extensions as well as reconsult you at every follow up appointment to ensure you are experiencing maximum comfort.

How do I take care of my extensions at home?

Use an extension safe brush and thoroughly comb your hair morning and evening to avoid tangling and matting of the wefts. Start at the bottom and work your way up to the root of the wefts. Avoid putting tension on rows by securing the weft tracks (top of the wefts) with your opposite fingers while you gently comb through.

Apply a light oil or serum to the mid-lengths and ends of your extensions and natural hair daily. 

Is it safe to use dry shampoo?

Between washes it is safe to use a dry shampoo to prolong your style and refresh your scalp. Avoid applying product directly to wefts and be sure to thoroughly cleanse your scalp when cleansing.

Can I work out and stay active with extensions?

Yes, absolutely. Secure your extensions in a high or low bun or ponytail using a damage free scrunchie or hair elastic. After your workout, allow your extensions to air dry naturally or apply your Oribe Universal Heat Defense spray and blowdry your hair.

How do I sleep with extensions in?

Sleeping with extensions is very easy! You can sleep in a loose braid, invest in satin nightcap or wear them loosely (the least recommended). Regardless of what you choose, be sure to run some oil or serum through your ends as part of your night time routine. ​

Can I swim with extensions in?

It is not recommended to swim with extensions in or your natural hair either. It can be very drying on the hair in general but can especially decrease the life of your extensions. If you are in the pool be sure to have your hair up and out of the water AND have our 

Oribe Detangling leave-in conditioner thoroughly applied to already dampened hair. This way your hair is less likely to get tangled, experience color fading and be protected from soaking up too much chlorinated or salted water. 


AVOID SUNSCREEN WITH AVOBENZONE. It will cause discoloration that can NOT be reversed.

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