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Stylist Growth Coach

What if you could have your dream business, schedule, clientele and income?


Are you eager to create wealth & level up as a stylist and business owner but just don’t know where to start?
Do you want to get started like, yesterday?

Are you a salon owner who needs support and guidance?
Do you want to be part of the 1% of stylists who will collectively revolutionize our industry?

What if you could be behind the chair
part time and earn 6 figures?

Coaching with me you'll learn how to:

1. Turn limiting beliefs into positive and actional beliefs

2. Scale back behind the chair while simultaneously increasing your income

3. Stop the self betrayal. Learn to trust your inner voice self coach through the obstacles of your life and business


This is NOT a one size fits all program that will leave you hanging after each call with a list of to-dos and the added pressure to complete them. Each call is specifically curated to your wants and needs. This is YOUR uniquely guided path to success, and it won’t look like anyone else’s.


With my support client’s have:

1. turned limiting beliefs about themselves and their businesses into positive and actional beliefs that have changed their lives and businesses.
2. Gone from talking about the wants and what-ifs and turned their biggest and wildest
dreams into actionable real time realities.
3. Gone from being behind the chair full time to being wealthy, part stylists & full time salon owners and leaders.
4. Gone from being the full-time stylist to part time, wealthy stylist.


In this program, we will explore both experiential and spiritual practices that will guide you to finding the truest, most authentic and unapologetic version of YOU. 

The version of you that says I am HERE, I am WORTHY, and I BELONG. After all, there is only one uniquely gifted version of you, and we are all dying to meet them.

What is coaching?

Coaching aims to encourage growth on specific skills and goals in life and in business. You can achieve ultimate success when both are in sync.

What am I helping clients achieve?

More Money in less time, confidence, problem solving, focusing in on their deepest passions & desires, revolutionizing their lives and this industry.


Lets Get Started


1:1 Coaching

6 weekly or bi- weekly intimate 1:1 sessions. One hour- live zoom calls


Discovery Call

It’s like a little taste test. Learn what coaching is and what it’s like to work with me. 20-minute phone call

Why am I the best person to coach you?

Because I have lived it for the past 13 years. And as they say, the best person to show you the path is the one who has already traveled it (several times I might add). I was once a broke hairstylist full of unrealized dreams and I didn’t know where to start. I was drowning in a sea of overwhelm. Through my own coaching journey, I found the support and encouragement I desperately needed to overcome barriers that held me back. Barriers that hold so many of you back from your truest callings. I know how capable and deserving you are. All you need to do is believe that, too.

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